Strangers’ Old World Store

by Jason Orth
Lehigh Valley, PA, United States (US)

Forecasting to be the most successful of our Social Enterprises we expect Strangers’ Old World Store to be very popular.

A 3-d Stereoview of the Strangers’s Store at the end of the 19th Century.

Help us bring this Social Enterprise and historical institution back to the world.  This time we are operating the Strangers’ Old World Store as a SOCIALMARKET enterprise never to be sold off to Capitalism (1.0).

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Jason Orth

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Jason Orth
Lehigh Valley, PA, United States (US)
6 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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We would like to bring back the Strangers’ Store of 1752.  This was one of the most ambitious of the Moravian’s Social Enterprise endeavors.  This first store in the Lehigh Valley, PA was located on what is now Market Street in Bethlehem for which the street is named after.  The store had moved a few times before it was sold to a member of the cooperative communal society.  This store was so profitable it helped fund a large percentage of the missionaries in the Caribbean and world wide all from The Christmas City.

We envision the Strangers’ Old World Store once again being a revolutionary social enterprise.  The Old World Store can bring strangers together this time, to protect our 100% natural rights to Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).

Today we can make the services of the First Social Market once again to Stranger’s local and nationwide through an online store.  Once enough GIFT Currency is granted we can open one or more physical Old World Stores.


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