by Jason Orth
Lehigh Valley, PA, United States (US)

Be a part of something trans-formative.  We have the power to make our own world.  We can’t entirely change the economic circumstances due to the laws of nature though we can learn from them.  Today after 9/24/2017 we know that Natural Selection and Natural Cooperation are intrinsically linked and that Social Altruism is proven to be more efficient that competitive groups over the long run.  SOCIALMARKET is turning this surplus of efficiency directly into Capital Gains.

We can now have 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) as promised to us by our government which they are taxed with defending.

Help us in this first Social Enterprise through the purchase of GIFT Currency.  100% of the proceeds will be used to start and maintain the OTTO Apothecary in an online store and if enough GIFT is sold we will expand with one or more physical (real world) stores.

Thanks for your support in building our Alternate Reality World.

We deserve better.  An now we understand what that means (100% Fruit of Labor).

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Jason Orth

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Jason Orth
Lehigh Valley, PA, United States (US)
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Help us bring back the Oldest Apothecary and Drug Store in North America.  OTTO Apothecary was fondly known by the members of the cooperative communal society in Bethlehem, PA – The Christmas City in 1743 as “Dr. Otto’s Closet”.  As our First Social Enterprise this is a testament to our commitment to bringing back a solution to the health care crisis in America.  Once we establish our Alternate Reality World through members will be able to live free once again.  With hundreds of brands, thousands of products and services that effectively are free to members we know there is a better solution than Capitalism (1.0).  Since 9/24/2017 we have a new economic model that is powered by social altruism.  We are evolving Capitalism with old world ingenuity and practicality that has been all but lost to history.  We can have a society that does not lose Individualism through collectivism.

How this works is through the efficiency of an Altruist Society that is provably more efficiency than competitive groups.  A strong member benefit program of a GIFT Card that increases in value through volume and revenue (An industry first).  Alongside an aggregate historical hour and education time bank that earns a portion of 1:1 dollar for dollar of GIFT card sales distributed to cooperators over  120 months at US Dollar value at time of receipt.  Lastly and most importantly the consumer member receives not only the discounts on product by holding GIFT in their accounts though they will receive their US Dollar purchase price back at the 120 month anniversary of payment in store credit value.

An archaic capitalism (1.0) business would never be able to give all of these benefits.  Members will eventually be able to effectively have free rent, healthcare, food, clothing, etc.  All this is possible with the efficiencies of SOCIALMARKET.

We envision an Alternate economy that runs in parallel with our current system. This time we have the technology and knowledge of how Natural Selection and Natural Cooperation work together.  You can’t have one without the other.  They need each other to take us to the next level of complexity or organization/technology.  We see our Altruist Society (SOCIALMARKET) as Capitalism (Evolved) or as “Capital Gainism” since the only tax that is applicable is Capital Gains if you earn over a certain amount.

This is currently the only economic solution that defends 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) that our government is taxed with protecting.


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1.00 In GIFT Currency at current value for each dollar you purchase in GIFT Cards. GIFT Keeps on Giving. This is the first GIFT card that increases in value over time through volume sales and social enterprise revenue. Save GIFT in your account for future discounts on products and services or to sell-exchange with other members at the current SOCIALMARKET value for a capital gain! GIFT increases in value against the US Dollar by One Basis Point for every new investment dollar or Social Enterprise revenue reinvestment.

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