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9/24/17 Whitepaper

21st Century Magna Carta Libertatum

These 12 totally new concepts are combined through the power of Social Altruism (reciprocal cooperation).

1.) 100% Fruit of Labor. 1:1 dollar for dollar of all investment money is granted to co-operaters (Knights) over 120 months in store credit that can be used to purchase goods or services including U.S. Coin Silver and GIFT Currency that can be exchange for cash among members.

2.) GIFT Currency.  An ever increasing value digital and physical GIFT card.  For each dollar purchased through new sales or with reinvestment of revenue from Social Enterprises, the exchange value to BUCKS (SOCIALMARKET.com Store Credit) increases based on EOS.io token value and OPEN COOP, LCA holdings.

3.) Granted Rights.  We now have the ability through granted rights to experience the efficiency of communal cooperativism by building the commons without losing individualism while keeping direct property ownership.

4.) SOCIALMARKET a marketplace and platform cooperative that is exclusively for 100% Fruit of Labor in-network co-ops that accept GIFT Currency.

5.) Alternate Kingdom (Alternate Reality World).  Expanding on an Alternate Reality Game where there is mixed real world communications and locations layered within a fictional story in a game environment.  An Alternate Reality World on the other hand is the real world with new mechanisms that allow for social and economic survival within or combined with a fictional or non-fictional story or alternate timeline.

6.) Altruist Society.  Through reciprocal cooperation in a structured membership program we can build a better, more equitable economy.

7.) Percentage Tag (%).  %percentagetag is the new world equivalent of the old hashtag (#).  Though this time the social media tag is for 100% Fruit of Labor products, services and Social Enterprises and not for the Freefall Market economy. #freefallmarket vs. %socialmarket.  Which world do you want to live in?  The world that takes a pound of flesh each time you post a hashtag?  Or one that defends 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) with each post of %fruitoflabor?

8.) GIFT:  Bitshares User Issued Asset for exchanging GIFT Currency at SOCIALMARKET value among members outside of the SOCIALMARKET through a decentralized exchange (bitshares).

9.) Social Fundraise: Selling of an ever increasing value GIFT Currency instead of offering early stage discounts on pre-orders for new products.

10.) Cobudgeting: You select the Social Enterprise that you want your GIFT Currency grant money to go towards.  Select U.S. Coin Silver if you want to send money to the general use fund for Social Enterprises that need day to day support.

11.) Knighthood: Knights are the cooperators and protectors of the Kingdom.  Modeled from the 1869 Knights of Labor that started as a Labor Union and attempted to morph into a Worker Cooperative Association through 100’s of co-ops.  Today, Knights are 100% Cooperators and defend Life, Liberty and Property (The Kingdom) through Social Altruism.

12.) Capital Gainism (Capitalism Evolved).  Through the SOCIALMARKET and GIFT Currency reciprocal cooperation can be turned directly into capital gains for Knights and Community Investors.

We hope to establish an EOS.io Decentralized Autonomous Community through EOSDAC.io or any D.A.C. with a EOS backbone.  This D.A.C. will be the Alternate Kingdom which includes the SOCIALMARKET 100% Fruit of Labor economy.

The entry point to the Alternate Kingdom is SOCIALMARKET.com (BUCKS) a store credit token valued at 1:1 US Dollar.  100% of the money used to purchase BUCKS is invested in  OPEN.EOS / EOS.io tokens (available on http://openledgerdex.com).  EOS.io tokens will never be permanently sold by SOCIALMARKET or distributed to members.  The Co-op will rent/lease this Dapp virtual real estate for revenue to start and expand social enterprises in the SOCIALMARKET 100% Fruit of Labor economy.   Social enterprise revenue will boost the exchange value between GIFT Currency and BUCKS that allows us to build “the commons” of SOCIALMARKET and grant co-operators 100% Fruit of Labor.

100% of BUCKS proceeds are invested in perpetuity through EOS.io tokens (Virtual dApp Real Estate) and rented/leased for revenue to start and expand Social Enterprises in the SOCIALMARKET.  This creates a residual fund/endowment to promote 100% Fruit of Labor enterprises forever.  Continued success is guaranteed through the increasing value and volume of EOS.io token holdings and through revenue of the Truly Free Market (SOCIALMARKET.com).

The exchange rate between GIFT and BUCKS known as “SOCIALMARKET value” increases with the price of EOS.io token and accumulated volume owned by the OPEN COOP, LCA.

SOCIALMARKET is the new Social Altruist reboot of the 18th Century General Economy (Oeconomy).   This is the first time in history (since 9/24/2017) that we can operate a commons-based peer production society that protects Individualism and non-collectivist property ownership.   The first Social Market had early roots in 1741 in Bethlehem, PA in what started out as a cooperative communal society that evolved into a Commercial Society.  They even offered cooperative shares to members worldwide.  Although Rochdale is normally credited as the “birthplace of cooperation” and more recently research has uncovered that in 1761,  in Ayrshire “The Society of Weavers in Finnick” predated Rochdale by 83 years. Lost to history though is the “Social Market” that was established 9 years earlier on what is now Market Street in Bethlehem, PA for what the street is named after.  The 1752 Social Market was actually a progression of the first Social Enterprise of 1745 across the Lehigh River known as the Crown Inn Tavern and Bookstore that catered to traveling Strangers.  The 1752 Social Market was known by the cooperative communal members as the “Strangers’ Store” due to the fact that it addition to being a community general store its real purpose was to transact with regional and traveling strangers.   Strangers exchanged money for goods produced in the Industrial Quarter and imports from Philadelphia and New York.  This Social Enterprise network in Bethlehem, PA was tremendously successful and fueled missionaries on 4 different continents, 40 countries and islands in the Caribbean to spread their beliefs to and, educated the Indians/natives. By the 1760’s there were over 50 buildings and 50 industries in Bethlehem/Nazareth and 2000 Acres were cleared for farming and buildings.

Today’s SOCIALMARKET is established as a Altruist Society where each member can earn 100% Fruit of Labor without the lose of individualism normally associated with collectives and socialism.  This is accomplished through an impenetrable firewall know as GIFT Currency.  We believe this to be the 21st century mission that we need to dedicate our lives to.  During the 17th, 18th and 19th Century’s missionaries saw the need to bring their beliefs to, and educate the indigenous peoples of remote civilizations.   Today we have seen a major moral decline in the civilized world.  Some believe this to be the lack of religion in peoples lives.  Though one thing that always trumps morality is economic survival.  Spirituality takes the back seat to money in all cultures.  We need to spread the knowledge of how to earn 100% Fruit of Labor so we can stop the downward decline of our society.  This is the last great fight in human history.  Through finally defending our natural rights we can now pursue happiness without having to steal property from others.  This is a profound change in Human Sociality.  This is the new frontier and the new gold rush of the future.  We can now live moral lives protecting our families, community and country.  We can be Spiritual and Patriotic without sacrificing our souls through robbing others of their Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).  We can finally fulfill our intended purpose in this world; to defend our natural rights from others and for others.

We can win this final battle if we create our own secular altruist Kingdom on earth.  The Alternate Reality World that we create will change our lives and the communities that we live in for the good.  This is above religion (a human construct) and politics.  This is our natural rights.  Religion and politics are secondary to granted rights from our creator.  We need to start defending them with our lives if necessary.  This is the ultimate Spiritual Patriotism.  This is our Life, Liberty and Property.  Start protecting your rights and the rights of others today so we have a tomorrow.


This is the Magna Carta of the 21st Century.  Exactly 800 Years from the use of the Original Magna Carta in the peace treaty ending the First Baron’s War.  This new “Great Charter of the Liberties” also coincides to the day prophesied as the beginning (re-birth) of the new world (9/24/2017).  The world as we know it ended on 9/23/17 through the founding of SOCIALMARKET and the Altruist Society which coincides with the Revelation 12 Sign.

Capitalism (1.0) is a Freefall Market economy. Proponents fondly like to call it the Free Market.  It pits everyone against each other in a race to the bottom.  We can prove this, mathematically, socially, and economically.  The first industrial centers are testament to this.  Most early industry paid their workers handsomely.  It wasn’t until competition, share holders, and absentee owners started extracting money that workers felt that working conditions versus compensation did not make sense.  This is where trade unions come into play.   This is natural selection and natural cooperation at work.  You can not have a highly competitive and extractive economy without some sort of cooperative protections.  Freefall Market creates the need for Unions and Property taxes. What conservatives do not fully understand is you can not beat mother nature.  Even if you try to legislate so called “Right to Work” states, nature will always find a way to bring in natural cooperation.  We have a “Right to Cooperate”, not a right to work.  If work does not pay 100% property (Fruit of Labor) then we can not have 100% Life or Liberty either.  Work is taxed (fined) for not paying 100% Fruit of Labor.  Work by definition does not pay 100%; reciprocal cooperation through a smart contract can.  Since 9/24/2017 there is a new economic solution that takes advantage of Freefall market economics and turns the efficiency directly into capital gains.

Freefall Market Capitalism (1.0) vs. SOCIALMARKET Capitalism (Evolved)

Each person has no choice but to participate in the Freefall market economy unless they want to live in the woods.  You either work for yourself, work for someone else or employ others.   Either way everyone is effected by inefficiencies caused by competition, taxes, and extraction.

SOCIALMARKET is social exchange theory (Social Altruism) built into a smart contract.   You can grant your hours, education, property, money to specific social enterprises that increase the value of GIFT Currency.  All the while not transferring ownership of property to the cooperative (non-collectivism).  We are able to still take advantage of the efficiencies of a commons based peer production society without losing property or Individualism.  Each member retains ownership of property that they grant rights to the cooperative to use.  SOCIALMARKET operates alongside the Freefall Market and acts as a direct hedge against Freefall’s inefficiencies.  The more inefficient the Freefall becomes, the more attention SOCIALMARKET receives with direct correlation to GIFT Currency appreciation through volume sales and revenue of social enterprises in the network.

SOCIALMARKET is backed by an ever increasing value GIFT Currency that grows against inflationary money through volume GIFT card sales and reinvested revenue.  This is contrary to Freefall’s lack of protections and bylaws to defend individuals from complete financial loss and ruin.  With a smart contract using social exchange theory anyone can cooperate in network to help protect the bylaws and value of GIFT Currency.

Taking advantage of Gift Tax laws, Limited Cooperative Associations, and capital gains taxes is where SOCIALMARKET makes sense.  Governments will soon realize that they are losing revenue by not defending 100% Fruit of Labor as they are required to by law.   They can continue to fine (through regressive-progressive taxes) people that steal others’ property.  Government is taxed with this and they have been doing a miserable job of it.  Governments are losing billions in capital gains revenue and sabotaging their own country’s economies in the process.  Progressive taxes on the workforce (fruit of labor) remove the early stage catalysis that builds a strong economy.

There is a magnitude of difference in collecting tax revenue from a Capitalism (1.0) vs SOCIALMARKET Capitalism (Evolved) economic system.   Through Capital Gainism (vs Freefall market), governments will be able to keep up with their own currencies deflationary declines.  Just as members of the Cooperative Association will be able to retire from the capital gains generated by their Fruit of Labor.  Governments will be able to realize the capital gains tax revenues from this unlimited vast resource that reciprocal cooperation has created.

The best thing is, we do not need to change any laws to take advantage of this great solution.  The taxes (fines for stealing property) are already in place.  The rest of us that see the light, can join an Altruist Society that cooperates in protecting our natural rights.

Altruism below a certain annual Gift amount of $15,000 per federal tax payer (in the U.S.) is non-taxable.   Individuals can Gift more out of their lifetime allowance of $5.6 Million though that erodes estate tax benefits.

Efficiencies of SOCIALMARKET include little to no advertising/marketing expenses, zero credit card transaction fees, no paid employees, managers or staff.  No direct leasing of property, equipment, inventory costs, etc.  Almost zero economic friction in operating the social enterprise network.

Only members that invest in building our community are compensated by other members.  Reciprocal Altruism at its best.  We can use game theory and competition to our advantage without sacrificing stability or profit earnings of everyone to benefit the few.

A General Economy (oeconomy) can be established in the SOCIALMARKET through granted rights.  We can effectively give back the initial expense price in store/SOCIALMARKET credit for all goods and services (expect Coin Silver) at the end of 120 months.  This means the members are technically receiving food, shelter, health care, education, clothing, etc., free for participating.  This is truly a free market economy and a direct hedge against Capitalism (1.0). Utilizing Social Altruism (reciprocal cooperation) we can give all the benefits that the Moravian’s had in The Christmas City and more.  This is all while keeping Individualism and personal property through the power of GIFT Currency.  If only GIFT Currency existed in 1745 at the First Social Enterprise we might have gone down a different road.  We might have learned how to protect our Fruit of Labor through the Industrial Revolution.

The basics:

1.) You buy GIFT Currency to start and expand Social Enterprises (SocialFundraise).  You pick which social enterprises receive your GIFT Currency grants.

2.) You hold GIFT Currency to receive discounts on products and services.  You can also sell your GIFT to other members of the open cooperative at SOCIALMARKET value.  You cash in the Capital Gains.  A win-win for everyone.

3.)  You can grant your hours to build the SOCIALMARKET.  You receive 1:1 dollar for dollar of GIFT card sales based on your historical aggregate hours against other cooperators.  Education adds hours to your historical aggregate so you can earn more of the 1:1 investment compensation.

This is an Open Cooperative that has created an Alternate Reality World.  This Alternate Kingdom is based on a Social Altruism economy (reciprocal cooperation) that converts efficiency directly into capital gains for members.  Members do not pay sales, income or property taxes due to the temporary granting of GIFT Currency for products and services.

This Capitalism (Evolved) or “Capital Gainism” is currently the most efficient economic solution known that benefits all members with 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) that our government is taxed with defending.

We wouldn’t have Regressive taxes if we all received 100% Fruit of Labor.  In our Alternate Reality World there are no regressive taxes because we all receive 100% of our natural rights.  Taxes try to level the playing field; to lessen bubbles and bursts.  Though at times we can’t imagine how this works when we have such a chaotic (free fall) economy.  Though taxes are a necessity in a Capitalistic (1.0) economy.  Regressives (republicans-social/economic conservatives) try to continually lower taxes to allow further consumption of other people’s property (fruit of labor) in an attempt to beat inflation.  What these people do not understand is “they” are the reason there are regressive (progressive in calculation) taxes.  If they were not eating the fruit of other peoples labor they wouldn’t have to pay taxes on property.  We wouldn’t have to be a part of the progressive tax system either if all people earned and consumed their own fruit.

Though this is not reality and will probably never change.  What we can do is live within a system that protects 100% of our natural rights.  We won’t have to pay Regressive taxes if we earn 100% Fruit of Labor and protect the property of others.

The great thing about this system is the richest people in the world can not beat the capital gain earnings within the SOCIALMARKET economy.  Owning your own business is not as efficient as the SOCIALMARKET.  Working for someone else is not a solution either.  Owning properties, lending money, investing in stocks and bonds are all less efficient than GIFT Currency and the SOCIALMARKET.  There is little to no economic friction in operating a Social Enterprise in the SOCIALMARKET.   This is in part where the efficiency out performs Capitalism (1.0) without the collectivism of Socialism at the expense of the Individual.

This is Capitalism (Evolved) and a better solution than direct socialism.  There are no employees, hence no payroll or taxes.  There are no mortgages, leases, loans, stock holders, interest, bonds, stocks, fees, sales or income taxes and the list goes on.

Utilizing the current Capitalism (1.0) that made the below list of people rich is nothing compared to how much capital gains they would have accumulated through the SOCIALMARKET.  These individuals could have instead given 1:1 dollar for dollar over a 120 months in US Dollar value credit to cooperators from all investment money.  They could also have given 100% of the US Dollar back at the end of 10 years of all consumer member purchases in store credit.  On top of that they could have sold an ever increasing value GIFT card to consumer or investment members that could have realized discounts, capital gains or both.   In addition to this they could have all the while been protecting peoples natural rights.  Though it is not anyone’s fault.  This amazingly efficient form of commons based peer production wasn’t around before 09/24/17.  Though now, there is no excuse to continue using Capitalism (1.0) any more.  Capitalism (Evolved) is here and will become more efficient over time.

One of the greatest flaws of the Freefall Market and one of the main reasons for its name is the fact that all stocks and bonds and other investments are controlled by a Freefall mechanism.  This human economic theory puts all investments in a perpetual free fall when one investor sees that other investors are selling their investments below the current market value.  Extreme market power is in the hands of a few investors that decide to sell their holdings below what everyone else does.  These few defectors now have the power to change the value of everyone else’s investment holdings directly and sometimes instantly creating a panic or automatic sell off that perpetuates the Free fall from a small market share of all held investments.Billions of dollars can be wiped out overnight.

This Free fall can be used in reverse through bylaws in a Limited Cooperative Association.  We can through social exchange theory and Social Altruism create a smart contract.  This smart contract is similar to an automatic stock sell off in reverse.  Where one person can start a cascading free fall in total market value one individual has the power to raise everyone’s GIFT Currency value with their grant of funds to one of the fundraisers.  SOCIALMARKET is redefining who has the power to be a market maker and who does not using social exchange theory and smart contracts.  We no longer have to be held hostage by one or two mentally ill investors any longer.  Which world do you want to live in?

We do not need to use some Socialism (1.0) economics that tear away at Individualism and we certainly do not need to send government income checks to people in the future to survive.  SOCIALMARKET is a direct hedge against the “Free Fall Market” economy.  I will repeat that.  SOCIALMARKET is a direct hedge against the “Free Fall Market” economy. One thing is certain about natural selection; we will always have competition.  This competition is where SOCIALMARKET members turn investment into capital gains.  This hedge will probably never disappear.  You and your great, great, great grand children could benefit from the SOCIALMARKET Hedge.  Through Intelligent Design SOCIALMARKET utilizes Natural Selection and Natural Cooperation (see Martin Novak) together in a near perfect reciprocal cooperation based economy (Social Altruism) that keeps even self-interest engaged.  We have SOCIALMARKET and GIFT Currency here today.  Next time you see any of these individuals listed below ask them if their businesses or investments give any of the benefits that SOCIALMARKET can deliver on.  I know it is an extremely embarrassing question to ask anyone that is so heavily invested in the Free-Fall market.

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffett
  • Bernard Arnault
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Amancio Ortega
  • Carlos Slim Helu
  • Charles and David Koch
  • Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg

You no longer need to be a part of the race to the bottom within the Freefall Market.  You can now Upsize your Life , Liberty and Property through the SOCIALMARKET.  Buy GIFT Currency today, so we have a tomorrow.