Domain Name Property Stake

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Description Domain Name Property Staking to the SOCIALMARKET Commercial Commons (Common Corps) KNIGHTS, LCA.

Help build the SOCIALMARKET by minting capital gains for members through property leasing/staking to the Commercial Commons (Common Corps) KNIGHTS, LCA.

Market Value was obtained by

By Staking GIFT Currency for minting capital gains for members; Stakers will receive proportional GIFT.GAINS for staking above the original cost to the owner of the domain name that is leasing it to the Commercial Commons including transaction expenses and registration fees for the lease period of 10 years.

The owner of the domain name can end the lease after 365 days by paying back GIFT.GAINS to members that funded the minting of capital gains and property lease.  If property was added to the SOCIALMARKET during that time the value exchange would have increased and the property owner would be returning GIFT.GAINS that has appreciated in exchange value with GIFT Currency.


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