Regenerative Platform

SOCIALMARKET is the first Open Value Regenerative Platform to enforce members protection and defense of Universal Liberties (John Locke’s Trinity of Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor).  This automatically occurs through software, computer mesh networking and peer interaction through a non-socialist and non-collectivist Commons-Based Peer Production model.

A Living Pension program is created by SOCIALMARKET’s GIFT Currency patronage system.  Every 120 months GIFT Currency is returned as store credit to be reused again, and again  by members.  It truly is the Gift that keeps on giving.  This is the first totally Free Market system that does not erode Universal Liberties.

Instead of a Free Fall Market that everyone currently participates in we now have the ability to build value and wealth through capital gains.  We gift each other to build a commons of raw materials, and competed products.   By cooperating in the success of SOCIALMARKET and collaborating as KNIGHTS in the Peer production of products and services we can protect and care for one another from cradle to grave.  This is similar to the Oeconomy (household economy) of the 18th century through the first Social Market in the Christmas City, PA in 1751-52.

This is a true Tea Party movement where there are no taxes other than a Patriotic Patronage Tax (short and long term capital gains).  This keeps our Universal Liberties (Life , Liberty and Property-100% Fruit of Labor) in tact while ending the War on Culture and breaking the Cycle of Hate and curbing state sponsored terrorism.

We can live Spiritually Patriotic lives as intended by our Creator/Nature and echoed by our forefathers,  the United Nations and many county and  state constitutions.  By not profiting from Human Toil and Human Rentals we do not have to pay fines (taxes).  The reason why we pay taxes is a fine for profiting from other’s 100% Fruit of Labor (Property).  Property is a inalienable right and can not be given or taken away from the toil of our labor.

We all have to pay taxes if we participate in the profiting from or  forfeit our own property.    We only have to pay capital gains tax (Patronage Tax) if we defend and protect ours and others’ Universal Liberties.  This is our Spiritual and Patriotic right and duty to our Creator/Nature, Country, Family and community.

We can in the future use a Distributed/Decentralized application and cryptocurrency wallet to only pay capital gains taxes as patronage to governments that protect our Universal Liberties.

Until we develop such a platform we can have all our fines (taxes) paid for by using the platform and the capital gains it generates.

Life, Liberty, and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) is inalienable.  We have to pay fines for disobeying our Creator/Nature, Forefathers and Constitution.  People that avoid these fines or try to use tax loopholes are breaking the social contract we have had for hundreds of years.  These individuals have had different names in history including Robber Barons,  Know Nothings (18th century political party) and today’s Dark Web Intellectuals and all of the offshoots of hate groups over the years.

The reason there is a War on Culture,  A Cycle of Hate, and even terrorism, the #MeToo,  Black Lives Matter and dozens of other movements is a lack of Genuine Respect of Universal Liberties.  Profiting from Human Rentals has hundreds of unintended consequences .  Where the real immorality and evil occurs is when Countries, Corporations, and Know Nothings/Dark Web Intellectuals profit from conspiracy theories and social unrest created by not paying people 100% of their rights to property.  The current monetocracy we live in has increasingly become hostile to citizens through conspiracy theories that profit the few and make life unlivable for the many. The total lack of democracy in the workplace further erodes workers Life, and Liberty and since they are not receiving 100% Fruit of Labor they can not pursue happiness.

This is all against our Spirituality, lives and the social contract we are trying to uphold.  The purpose of Government is to protect our Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor).  We grant government the right to exist solely to fulfill its duty to us.  We can end government at any time if it breaks the social contract.  Government is taxed with defending our Universal Liberties.  In turn government fines Robber Barons, Know Nothings / Dark Web Intellectuals for encroaching on our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and 100% Property.

The recent so called Tea Party was started with direct funding from Dark Web Intellectuals.  These individuals and corporations are the most unpatriotic, immoral and down right evil people to walk this earth.  The great thing is since 09/24/2017 they can not hide any longer.  The stars have aligned and light has exposed them for who they are and what they do to destroy Universal Liberties all in the name of profit.

These individuals and corporations purport to be Religious and Patriotic and wrap themselves in the American Flag and historical symbols of freedom that have nothing to do with how they are profiting from Human Rentals.

The great signs of Liberty need to be taken back from these evil people.   Once we expose them for who they are and show the rest of the world there is a way to earn capital gains faster than from human toil we can start to change people’s hearts and minds on all of today’s issues.

There is a Universally Moral or right answer to any question or argument.  If the tenants of the question or concern protect and defend all Universal Liberties (Life, Liberty and Property -100% Fruit of Labor.) and abide by Regenerative Providence and are backed by the Social Contract Model we can err on the side of righteousness  in every subject or debate.  We can Err on the side of grace everytime if we KNOW HOPE (are Knowsome of the Trinity.)


1.) Abortion is currently and in the foreseeable future legal. This will stay legal unless governments and citizens start enforcing Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) with more than just fines from profiteers.  Once everyone including the unborn are free to pursue happiness with all three of their Universal Liberties than non-rape, non-incest, non-birth defect, non-life threatening abortions can be ban.   The parents are being victimized by profiteers and do not have to give birth to a child that is going to be further victimized throughout their lives.  This is a Creator/Nature given liberty to choose Regenerative Providence over the Human construct of slavery.   This is humanities’ most sacred unalienable right; until each personhood is secured, protected and their Universal Liberties are defended throughout their entire lives.  When this happens we can effectively ban abortion (be pro-Life) to these Spiritually Patriotic persons.   The people that are continually defrauded and victimized of their Universal Liberties will always have the Freedom of Choice in matters of abortion.  It is our Creator’s/Nature’s intent to fulfil our given rights of the Trinity.  This is above Religion, Politics and Culture.  This is our Universal Liberties, Regenerative Providence and Social Contract Model.

2.) Gun rights are also a part of our Universal Liberties.  To enjoy gun ownership you must join a Universal Militia and take the oath of securing personhood by protecting and defending Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor), Regenerative Providence and the Social Contract Model of yourself and others.   If you break your oath to Spiritual Patriotism and attempt to sabotage Universal Liberties of your community and country than you will lose your right to own guns.

3.) You are not a criminal if you and your family have been defrauded and victimized of your Universal Liberties.  The War on Culture and the Cycle of Hate mold individual humanity of life through Religion, Politics and Culture.  If a citizen protects and defends everyone’s Universal Liberties and breaks the law due to being poor or destitute from being a victim themselves they should not be prosecuted.  They should be given their Universal Liberties for the first time in their lives and if they then break the law there is something to take away from them.  Losing your Universal Liberties is the worst possible punishment a human can endure, because they are our most prized possessions given to us by our Creator/Nature.   Err on the side of Grace and we can change the world.

Stop the Cycle of Hate, War on Culture and even terrorism, crime, and dozens of unnecessary movements and groups.

We wouldn’t need Trade Unions, Political Parties, Gun Control, dozens of redundant and non Universal Religions, the #MeToo movement, the black lives matter movement, Occupy Wall Street/Main Street, the 99% ers, Socialism, Collectivism, Communism and the list goes on and on…

We just need what our Creator/Nature gave us… Life, Liberty and 100% Property, Regenerative Providence, and the Social Contract Model.