Common Corps

Common Corps

269 Years of natural trial and error. Our core beliefs are that Social Enterprises, and Worker Cooperatives can not effectively operate in a Human Capital (Human Toil) for-profit capitalist economy. We believe that we need a Value based economic system to truly protect our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Property (100% Fruit of Labor). Worker Cooperatives would thrive in a Open Value Network economic system. This is evidenced in the history of:

1.) The Christmas City (Commercial Society)

2.) The Knights of Labor Cooperative Association and its 300+ Worker Cooperatives.

3.) Mondragon Corp. Cooperation Enterprise in the Basque Region of Spain.

4.) Open Value Networks (Sensorica)

Common Corps takes the successes of a Commercial Society and Cooperative Association and utilize a Social Value Platform to insulate operations from for-profit motives. Through an Open Value Network or more importantly a Social Value Platform we are able to truly value our Labor and Investment in creating, growing and living within a Commercial Commons (Society).

Every dollar that is brought into the Commercial Commons (Common Corps) is used in a value equation to reward lifelong collaborators, community investors, and consumers. Unlike a traditional Open Value Network that tries to put a value on each member’s contributions we as a whole can benefit from an easier mathematically formula. A Common Corps value equation is all encompassing in a true social value economic system.

Through a Commercial Commons-based Peer Production economic system we can account for every dollar invested in growing the Commercial Commons. Each dollar that is added to the Common Corps increases the exchange rate of a Capital Gains token against a U.S. Dollar valued token. A third token can be a combination of both with a 17.5:1 ratio of U.S. Dollar to Capital Gains tokens to efficiently reward collaborators and consumer investors. We believe the perfect ratio of Gold to Silver that is found in the earth’s crust 1:17.5 is ideal for a GIFT Currency in the same ratio of Capital Gains to Dollars.

GIFT Currency alongside GIFT.USD and GIFT.GAINS tokens is what we believe is a fundamental difference an efficient, natural based economic system. GIFT Currency allows collaborators and community investors and consumers to reward each other with ultra low taxed Capital Gains for building and maintaining the Commercial Commons. Until there is new technology or a more natural or regenerative system we believe a Common Corps that utilizes a GIFT Currency that is traded for U.S. Coin Silver/Cooper is revolutionary.

We need a whole new system that is not based on Human Toil (Human Capital), fiat currency, or income taxes. Instead of reinventing the wheel we can run with the inflation that is created with the current human capital system. We can predict and forecast known inflation trends inherent in our economy and earn capital gains from them. We need a social value platform that takes advantage of Commercial Commons growth, Silver Coins, and ultra low taxed Capital Gains to do this. We believe this to be the most efficient economic system known today. This system or platform has been perfected over the last 269 years through natural processes. Lets not do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Lets collaborate and invest in Commercial Commons through silver/copper coins and reward each other through ultra low taxed capital gains.

Join SOCIALMARKET today so we have a prosperous tomorrow.

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