This is going to be really big…

This is going to be really big…

LCA’s (Limited Cooperative Associations) are getting some speed and steam. There has been 7 years that have passed since the last U.S. State has adopted the LCA Act. There are currently 7 jurisdictions that have adopted the LCA act and 2 more that are trying to get it enacted in Washington State, and now the State of Illinois.

First State to enact the LCA Act was Utah in 2008. Utah is the leader in enacting laws that protect citizens Inalienable Rights (Life, Liberty, and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor). Utah is the first state in over 100 years to enact a State Specie Legal Tender Act to accept Gold or Silver U.S. Coins as legal tender. Utah is the state that BEOS, LCA has used to escrow Quintric Gold and Silver Crypto Blockchain currency that will handle instate escrow balance transfers for all of BEOS (Bitshares + EOS) ledger transactions. This is the first blockchain and blockchain enterprise that is in legal accordance through multiple exclusions to the SEC Securities Act and Money Transmitters Licenses requirements.

SOCIALMARKET has been at the forefront of this amazing transformation of commerce, enterprise and legal tender. We are the first Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) that is protected by more than the Triple Exclusions (BEOS, LCA – Quintric – Escrow) that has three layers of Inalienable Rights and privacy protections. SOCIALMARKET will have more than double the exclusions and separations that further protect Universal Liberties for members and consumers. SOCIALMARKET is the first legally excluded entity to utilize Legal Tender Acts, layered use of the LCA Acts in multiple states together with non-cash member to member escrowed balance exchanges through a non-cryptocurrency non-blockchain Cloud Specie (Cloud Coin).

This is going to be big for DOA’s and non-CryptoCurrency and non-Blockchain based LCA’s. Blockchain was never really meant to be for personal use. Why would anyone want everything they do recorded. It is not practical and down right dangerous in the wrong hands. Read the article about EOS and its 4 Terra byte ledger. There are only 2 block producers that are able to maintain this huge ram intensive ledger. This can become a point of failure, disruption, and potential corruption.

The Future is here. Non-blockchain, Non-cryptocurrency Cloud Specie ( Cloud Coin) has meld with the Legal Tender Act and LCA’s. In the every member of the LCA will be token holders. Just think about that for a moment. Yes, every token holder will be a member of the LCA. That protects them and the DOA from SEC licensing and unwarranted scrutiny, and intrusion into members lives. The association will be rightly so… exempt from money transmitters licenses also.

Remember, All any of us ever wants is Life, Liberty, and Property (100% Fruit of Labor). We can now start our new world with a real foundation based on our inalienable rights and not be slaves or indentured servants to our government, the economy or our money…

We pride ourselves in the 269 years of our continued history in the fight for Inalienable Rights (Universal Liberties). SOCIALMARKET is a continuation of The Christmas City Commercial Society Established in 1750 and the Knights of Labor Cooperative Association that was Established 150 Years ago 50 miles to the south of Bethlehem, PA. Today KNIGHTS, LCA is the only enterprise that facilitates member to member Cloud Specie (Cloud Coin) transactions similar to how strangers paid for goods at the Strangers’ Store (the First Social Market) in 1753 with silver coins.

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