150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary

2019 is the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the KNIGHTS of LABOR in Philadelphia, PA. Today the KNIGHTS are reborn as a Social Value Platform here at We have learned from the past 266 years:

1.) From the Communal Society at The Christmas City, PA that evolved into a Commercial Society with shareholders. That you should never sell a commercial society for profit. You should instead put a social value on it instead and allow members to trade that as GIFT Currency.

2.) KNIGHTS 300+ worker cooperatives, collectives and collaborations only survive when nature and a regenerative system is employed. Thousands of members worked for as close to 100% Fruit of Labor as possible under for-profit capitalism. Though this still was not enough to break from the greed and profit taking that engulfs our economy. We need A New Economy that puts a social value on building a commercial society (Common Corps).

Universal Liberties – Life, Liberty, and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) is a natural regenerative system and the basis of A New Economy. Without any one component the system falls apart over time. Profit Motivation is not required in a capitalist economy. Why did we keep profit taking when we left the feudal society model?

The answer is that there are people that have been holding the system together for hundreds of years on the backs of human toil. These individuals today are known as Dark Web Intellectuals. They have had many names in history, including robber barons, tycoons, etc. Though today we have the SOCIALMARKET and people will one day realise that their past actions where not Universal and infringed on other’s inalienable rights. All in the name of profit.

Our current economy is based on human toil (human rentals) also known as Human Capital. There is only two ways in a for-profit model to increase the output of our current economic system. The first is to increase immigration or population through human reproduction. The second is to increase efficiency of the people in a given population to produce more. Yes you heard that right you have to have more people added to the economy all the time just to keep pace. That of course is not sustainable if you have been keeping up with the major population declines all across the world. So it comes down to making people more efficient which means downsizing or doing more work for the same pay. Neither of these is sustainable.

That is why we need A New Economy based on social value building. Put a value on the growth of a commercial society and you can create unlimited capital gains for members. It is a really simple concept: You take a gift card that can be staked for capital gains based on real property that has been added to the commercial commons. This way real property is the valuation and not human toil. We need to distance ourselves from feudalism and feudal capitalism that is growing in Russia. We need to value what we build and not what we downsize.

Today we do not need an archaic remient of feudalism to control our economy and society. All we need is Universal Incomes that are backed by the granted rights to Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor). We need an efficient exchange of earned property. We need to have a Fiduciary Obligation to ourselves and fellow citizens to protect and defend Universal Liberties and pay tribute to governments that do their jobs through windfall capital gains taxes.

Today we have SOCIALMARKET. There is no excuse to continue profiting from human toil. Profit taking is greed and a holdover from feudalism. We are a democratic society, so lets start acting like one and treat each other to Universal Incomes through Life, Liberty and Earned Property rights.

You want people to have Genuine Respect for each other? Stop investing in an unsustainable, unnatural system.

Start building social value through capital gains with SOCIALMARKET. Here we give you the latest technology and trends to better your Life, Liberty and Earned Property.

Currently, nowhere else can you earn 100% Fruit of Labor with ultra low capital gains taxes. This is the only place on earth and now the universe thanks to Sovereign Sky satellites, wifi mesh modems and phones.

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