Know Nothings

Know Nothings

The unintended consequences of not paying each other 1OO% Fruit of Labor. 

For centuries we have had Business Magnates, Tycoons, Robber Barons, Know Nothings (19th Century Political party), Industrialists (Anti-Universal Liberties; Robber Barons).     These individuals and now corporations, LLC’s and even so called Non-profit organizations that believe that Profit is gospel.  In truth Profit has always been the theft of someone else’s Fruit of Labor.  To earn profit one must defraud another of a portion of their 100% Fruit of Labor given to them by their Creator/Nature as a component of their other two Universal Liberties, LIFE, and LIBERTY (freedom in daily life, consumerism and collaboration in one’s own Human Toil).

Aside from slavery, Human Rentals were not a concern at the founding of our Great Nation.  The civil war had not occured yet which eventually would outlaw slavery and in its place would put the Renting of Humans or creating Human Rentals (also an inalienable right – though punishable only with fines/taxes through the Social Contract Model). At the time of the founding of the U.S. most free people were farmers or self employed trades people.   The industrial revolution was not predicted and the stock market (Human Rental – Auction House) had not demonized the early Industrialists yet.  The first Industrialists paid workers handsomely to leave their families each day and risk their lives in sometimes harsh conditions.  By the time the the Stock Market engulfed all aspects of the industrial Revolution the Original American Dream was all but lost.

The Original American Dream was the escaping of Indentured Servitude.  Most immigrants worked 4-7 years to pay back the opportunity to come to the New World under slavery type conditions including beatings, long hours and little comfort; regardless of skin color, origin or creed.  As soon as the first Wage Slaves earned their freedom they bought tools or learned a trade to never work for anyone again.   The “Original American Dream” was to be self-employed where you could keep 100% Fruit of Labor.

Then came the Industrial Revolution where you could potentially earn more money “consistently” for your family then being a Self-Employed Trades-person or farmer.  That worked out great for the individuals that did not die or were permanently injured on the job.  Then came the laws of nature and the Free Fall Market Economy.  You can not sustain an economy of living off of other people’s fruit of labor.  It never works out in the long run.

When you take from other’s to profit yourself, everything including, crime, economic recessions, and other bad behaviors are on the table.  Nature always steps in to balance injustice; impart through the Social Contract Model.  Taxes (fines), new laws, regulations, economic reforms, civil rights, pretty much every so called Conservative nightmare is now a reality.

The laws of Nature (Universal Regenerative Providence & Social Contract Model) gave us Taxes (fines) and the Conservative mind thinks they are not to blame and do not have to pay the price.  If you steal and defraud your neighbors the rights to Universal Liberties there will be consequences.   Conservatives and so called Tea Party members have tired to change the laws of our states and nation to further erode our Universal Liberties in the name of Profit.  The majority of some 1600+ laws (1981-2004 and many more since) have been amended to help them steal more of our 100% Property we are granted by our Creator/Nature.

This has profoundly changed our Republic in so many ways that it would be unrecognizable to our founding fathers today.  The purpose of government is to defend our Universal Liberties (Life, Liberty, and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor).  Government is taxed with protecting our Creator/Nature given rights.    We do not have to pay fines (taxes) if we protect each other’s Universal Liberties.  Legal non-taxpayers are a reality.  Since capital gains is not a fine/tax that rodes our inalienable rights we have a fiduciary obligation to pay our windfalls to maintain governments that protect our Universal Liberties.

We can live Spiritually Patriotic lives by paying tribute to our country and states through a Patronage Tax (capital gains).  Capital Gains is the only tax that does not erode Universal Liberties and fulfils and promotes Universal (Regenerative) Providence and the Social Contract Model (Social Treaty).

SOCIALMARKET is the true Tea Party and Conservative movement.  The Tea Party is anti-tax without representation which is the SOCIALMARKET economy.  Conservatism is the protection of Universal (Regenerative) Providence which is the keystone in the SOCIALMARKET economy .  Knights – Common Corps Principles (Universal Liberties, Providence, and Virtues through a Social Treaty) is the reason we are here and the purpose of our Toil.

You can be a member of the Tea Party and be Conservative without promoting the War on Culture,  or fueling the Cycle of Hate.  You can make more money with the SOCIALMARKET in capital gains then by profiting from Human Toil (Human Rentals).

Let us Join and be Knowsome (Knowledge of Knights Common Corps).  Let’s take back our economy and our Country and build a more perfect union before it is too late.

Before 09/23/2017 we have been heading down the familiar road to feudalism.  Most people think capitalism has died or failed us.  It is not Capitalism that has failed.  It is Profit Motivation that is unsustainable.   Profit motivation is a hold over from Feudalism that we never shook off.

We do not need profit taking or anti-universal liberties tax/fines and all the bad stuff that comes along this them.  All we need is Universal Value Motivation (Universal Incomes).  Mind you this is the opposite of the so called Universal basic Incomes that are being promoted.  Universal Basic Incomes will take us to feudalism much faster and have other unintended consequences.

We already have Universal Incomes that do not erode our inalienable rights.   The gifts of Life, Liberty, and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor are our Universal Incomes.  We have not been given 100% of our earned property rights due to profit taking which is a medieval holder-over from our feudalist past.

Profit taking is not inalienable or universal and is inhumane.  Every bad thing in our economy and society has roots in profit motivation (greed).  There is just no reason to take profits anymore.  Universal Value Motivation is extremely efficient in distributing earned property to everyone.

To prove this as fact SOCIALMARKET intends to return GIFT Currency every 120/months to create a living pension for consumers.  In addition the Value Motivation efficiency is so profound compared to profit taking and taxes/fines that through a decentralized exchange community investors can earn unlimited capital gains by staking their GIFT Currency for Gains.

This completes the Social Treaty (Social Contact Model) requirements for a regenerative/natural ecosystem, economy and patriotic citizenry.

We build value that is quantitative in an exchange value between GIFT Currency (Store Credit) and Capital Gains tokens.  To increase the exchange value between the GIFT and GAINS we just add property to the SOCIALMARKET by a process we call minting.  To mint Capital Gains one member needs to stake property and another member(s) purchases GIFT Currency to mint GAINS tokens for themselves.

When the property is added to the SOCIALMARKET for all members to use then the exchange rate between GIFT and GAINS increases in the exact amount that was staked in GIFT Currency USD.  This creates a capital gains value motivation to the members that staked GIFT Currency for the property to be added to the SOCIALMARKET.  This is considerably more efficient that our own governments federal reserve system that is based on debt and interest and not Universal Value Motivation.

Capitalism works and is sustainable when we remove remnants of feudalism (profit taking).  We do not need socialism, feudalism, or even collectivism that erodes our individualities.  All we need is Life, Liberty, and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor protected and defended by government and the fiduciary obligation of all citizens to reward each other with Universal Incomes that have been given to us by our creator/nature.

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