Regenerative Providence

We were given Universal Liberties of Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) from our Creator (if you are spiritual) or from Nature (if you are agnostic).   When the John Locke Trinity (inalienable rights) are protected and defended by citizens and governments we can take advantage of Universal (Regenerative) Providence (natural bounty of surplus products and services).   This allows us to provide each other with a living pension, and pay one another 100% Fruit of Labor in addition to unlimited capital gains to patronize governments that protect Universal Liberties that they are taxed with defending.  This allows us to complete the Social Contract Model that we are all apart of.

We do not have to change property ownership rights or our montecracy to fulfil Universal Liberties.  We can hedge against the inferient inflation and taxes that the old economy always generates like clockwork.  This is the most predictable way to compensate each other for building an open value network (platform).  By creating a firewall of an external decentralized exchange for GIFT Currency and Capital Gains (value equation formula) we can have unlimited good and services to create a living pension plan for consumers (controlled by social constraints as to allow surpluses to outpace consumption) and unlimited capital gains earnings to attract community investment (without extraction of profits to be sustainable; and to protect Universal Liberties of everyone).



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