BUCKS Credit

100% of BUCKS (openledgerdex.com tokens)  proceeds are invested in perpetuity through EOS.io tokens (Virtual dApp Real Estate). EOS.io tokens will be used to build Alternate Kingdom and the rest will be rented/leased for revenue to start and expand Social Enterprises in the SOCIALMARKET.  This creates a residual fund/endowment to promote 100% Fruit of Labor enterprises forever.  Continued success is guaranteed through the increasing value and volume of EOS.io token holdings and through revenue of the Truly Free Market (SOCIALMARKET.com).

By investing in BUCKS you receive 1:1 dollar for dollar SOCIALMARKET.com Store Credit (BUCKS) that can be used to purchase goods, services, U.S. Coin Silver, and GIFT Currency; an ever increasing value (Tied to EOS.io token value and volume holdings.) token that can be exchanged on the open ledger dex among members.

If you don’t have an account at Coinbase sign-up here.  You can purchase Ethereum there and transfer it to your Open Lendger DEX account to buy bitUSD and BUCKS.


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