Yes, limited government is a good thing if…

Yes, limited government is a good thing if… Citizens receive 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) as promised by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Since the government has not assisted in the direct protection of these naturally granted rights, the scope and size of the government has grown.  The government needs to police the Freefall Market and all citizens that collude with the theft of property from others.  We would not need the I.R.S. and it’s inefficiencies of collecting taxes (legal fines).  We wouldn’t need states to collect sales and income taxes, or local municipalities to collect property taxes.  We wouldn’t need a labor department,  or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  And the list goes on.

What Conservatives and Libertarians do not understand is they are the reason for big government.  The laws of Natural Selection and Natural Cooperation (Martin Nowak) can not be changed.  You can not beat mother nature for long.  The reason we have all the things that make conservatives and libertarians crazy is because people are not receiving 100% Fruit of Labor.

The question of why do these people loath the things that are meant to balance the economy is just as important as the answer.  You see the reason why these people continually want to shrink government and lower taxes is so they can keep more of the property they are stealing from others.  Though what is the end game to all of this anyway.  These people that extract property from others don’t want to contribute to the intended purpose of government?  If they would get their tax cuts, they still wouldn’t be happy.  You see there is a natural force in the Freefall Market that will always win out.  Lowering taxes will only work for a short period of time.   It won’t take long before these individuals will be asking to lower the taxes again, and again.  The inflation and extraction that is inherent in the Freefall Market will always beat out the profits (Fruit of Labor of others).

All the laws and regulations we have are to fine in someway those that game the system.  The people that steal from others are suppose to pay the highest fines.  Though conservative and libertarians have been successful in the curbing of progressive taxes to the point that combined with their extraction of Property from others the average person is left with nothing.

This sounds terribly horrific, and it is.  Though the reason I want to point this out is that there is a better way. All citizens can benefit from a smart contract (reciprocal cooperation).  Workers/cooperators would receive 100% Fruit of Labor and investors and consumers that invest in GIFT Currency will make more from capital gains than through any other investment vehicle known to mankind.

So if after 9/24/2017 if anyone wants to continue stealing other’s fruit of labor (Property) than they are doing so to harm others and not for the betterment of their investments or society.  These individuals deserve every legal fine (tax) under the sun.

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