More tax revenue by letting people keep their earnings

Yes, it is possible for governments to receive more tax revenue by letting people that earn 100% Fruit of Labor keep their earnings.  By only taxing the capital gains of a GIFT Currency governments get to keep their promise of protecting 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) as they are taxed with defending. Along with fulfilling their sworn oath to protect our natural rights governments will receive more money then through traditional taxes.  This is possible through the gifting (non-taxed) GIFT Currency that increases in exchange value with each dollar invested.  The capital gains will out way all other tax revenues combined.  Capital Gains is NOT an assault on Property (Fruit of Labor).  All other taxes are an assault on our natural rights if we earn 100%, and protect 100% Property of others.  The tax code can stay in place for everyone else that steals others’ Fruit of Labor.  Everyone else continues to pay their normal taxes (legal fines) for colluding with employers in the theft of other people’s property.  Multiple problems solved through the granting of GIFT Currency.

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