A Social Altruist walks into a job interview…

No this is not a joke.

The Social Altruist says I’m here for the job interview.  The candidate is perfect for the job and the employer offers the job to the Social Altruist.   The candidate asks if they could be compensated from 100% of all investments brought into the company (gift card sales, stock and bond sales, loans, mortgages, etc) during the employment contract proportional to historical aggregate hours compared to all other employees, owners and management along with compensation of education paid out over 120 months and even after the (120 months) employment contract ends for the last day of work.

The company asks why would you want to be paid this way?

Candidate responds; this is the only true measure of 100% Fruit of Labor.  Why wouldn’t I want to be paid what I’m worth to the company.  Anything less is not worth my time.  Do we have a deal?

We know how this interview would end.  The employer thinking this individual will not be able to receive these benefits from any other employer, which is probably true.  Though the candidate knows that they could grant their hours to the SOCIALMARKET and receive all those benefits and more while helping all co-operators earn and keep 100% of their fruit of labor which would not be possible through an employer.

The employer would not be able to sell gift cards, stocks and bonds, take out loans and mortgages in the future without the candidates work input.  The money invested through all the different channels in a Freefall Market is directly correlated to an individuals work input.  The company would not be able to raise funds or investments without the direct work of the individual.

The employer could give this benefit package to a few employees though would not be able to across the board. The reason for this is the business operated in a Freefall Market that has tremendous economic friction, taxes, and extraction.  On the other hand if the company was to re-ogranize as a SOCIALMARKET enterprise they could easily offer this benefit package to cooperators and much more.

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