Efficiency of Social Altruism

Social Altruist groups will beat competitive groups over time. Social Enterprises that take advantage of SOCIALMARKET natural laws of economics will grow at a faster rate than capitalistic (1.0) archaic businesses. There are a handful of reasons that this happens. The First natural law is cooperators are not directly paid by the social enterprise.

Cooperators are actually granted 1:1 portion of all GIFT card sales based on aggregate historical hours and education by the consumer members and community investors. This is apposed to a Capitalism (1.0) business where the employer pays the employee for work out of current or future expectation of profits.

Which system do you think will win out? One that retains 100% of investment allocated mainly to inventory, and equipment, or the one that loses 50% of the investment money used to compensate the workforce before purchasing raw materials, machinery, property, etc.?

Second natural law of SOCIALMARKET; there is technically no owners or shareholders extracting money our of the business. In addition to retaining the original 100% of the investment there are no extractive forces draining the remaining 50% as in a traditional business. You can see why most old style businesses fail in the first couple years and then some 90%+ over time.

SOCIALMARKET is Capitalism Evolved. Through Social Altruism natural laws we can take the efficiency of reciprocal cooperation and turn the output into capital gains. Call it “Capital Gainism” if you like, though it is worlds ahead of old capitalistic principles in efficiency and fairness. This is currently the only economic system to defend 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) that our government is taxed with protecting.

We were never meant to change the economy, though we can certainly take advantage of our inflationary money supply through an Alternate Reality World called SOCIALMARKET. This A.R.W. or futuristic economic system is contrary to other socialistic methods of collectivism. This is not only Capitalism (2.0+) though also Socialism Evolved! There is a fear by Regressives (republicans, social/economic conservatives) that the current form of socialism that is gaining momentum is collectivist by nature and might devastate Individualism for the benefit of the society.

This is not the case with SOCIALMARKET. Social Altruism is redefined in the SOCIALMARKET. We use GIFT Currency as an impenetrable firewall that protects Individualism and the natural rights granted to each of us. This time the General Economy (oeconomy) is literally owned by individual members through granted rights of property.  This is the ultimate evolution from collectivism and is only possible through the use of GIFT Currency.  We grant and reward each other for following the natural rules of Social Altruism. If any member breaks the rules they are removed from the group and lose all group benefits and the capital gains of GIFT Currency. One would have to be mentally ill to throw everything away or not take advantage of the Altruist Society efficiency… GIFT Keeps on Giving.

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