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BUCKS Credit

100% of BUCKS ( tokens)  proceeds are invested in perpetuity through tokens (Virtual dApp Real Estate). tokens will be used to build Alternate Kingdom and the rest will be rented/leased for revenue to start and expand Social Enterprises in the SOCIALMARKET.  This creates a residual fund/endowment to promote 100% Fruit of Labor enterprises forever.  Continued success is guaranteed through the increasing value and volume of token holdings and through revenue of the Truly Free Market ( By investing in BUCKS you receive 1:1 dollar for dollar Store Credit (BUCKS) that can be used to purchase goods, services, […]

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Yes, limited government is a good thing if…

Yes, limited government is a good thing if… Citizens receive 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) as promised by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Since the government has not assisted in the direct protection of these naturally granted rights, the scope and size of the government has grown.  The government needs to police the Freefall Market and all citizens that collude with the theft of property from others.  We would not need the I.R.S. and it’s inefficiencies of collecting taxes (legal fines).  We wouldn’t need states to collect sales and income taxes, or local municipalities to […]

More tax revenue by letting people keep their earnings

Yes, it is possible for governments to receive more tax revenue by letting people that earn 100% Fruit of Labor keep their earnings.  By only taxing the capital gains of a GIFT Currency governments get to keep their promise of protecting 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) as they are taxed with defending. Along with fulfilling their sworn oath to protect our natural rights governments will receive more money then through traditional taxes.  This is possible through the gifting (non-taxed) GIFT Currency that increases in exchange value with each dollar invested.  The capital gains will out way all […]

eosDAC EOS Decentralized Autonomous Community

We hope to establish an Decentralized Autonomous Community through or any D.A.C. with a EOS backbone.  This D.A.C. will be the Alternate Kingdom which includes the SOCIALMARKET 100% Fruit of Labor economy.

A Social Altruist walks into a job interview…

No this is not a joke. The Social Altruist says I’m here for the job interview.  The candidate is perfect for the job and the employer offers the job to the Social Altruist.   The candidate asks if they could be compensated from 100% of all investments brought into the company (gift card sales, stock and bond sales, loans, mortgages, etc) during the employment contract proportional to historical aggregate hours compared to all other employees, owners and management along with compensation of education paid out over 120 months and even after the (120 months) employment contract ends for the last day […]

Efficiency of Social Altruism

Social Altruist groups will beat competitive groups over time. Social Enterprises that take advantage of SOCIALMARKET natural laws of economics will grow at a faster rate than capitalistic (1.0) archaic businesses. There are a handful of reasons that this happens. The First natural law is cooperators are not directly paid by the social enterprise. Cooperators are actually granted 1:1 portion of all GIFT card sales based on aggregate historical hours and education by the consumer members and community investors. This is apposed to a Capitalism (1.0) business where the employer pays the employee for work out of current or future […]

SOCIALMARKET Altruist Society

We might not be able to change the economy out right.  Though we can make the economy work for us.  We are building an Alternate Reality World called SOCIALMARKET.  We are currently the only solution that offers 100% Fruit of Labor for cooperators.  1:1 is the new Standard.  Not just one share one vote either.  We are talking about one to one dollar for every dollar brought in to any Social Enterprise in the network.  This is a combination of an open value network, and a open cooperative combined with a non-profit Altruism Society.  There are no income or sales […]