About Us

This site is powered by A New Economy.

SOCIALMARKET.com is an Open Value Platform that grants 100% Fruit of Labor to peers through commons-based peer production (Social Production Network). In addition to protecting 100% property rights, the O.V.P. also rewards consumers/peers with a living pension program by returning GIFT Currency store credit every 120/months.

Through a decentralized market GIFT Currency can be staked against a market pegged asset (MPA) called GAINS that increases in value against the 1:1 USD valued GIFT with each new purchase. Individual ownership of property is maintained through leasing real estate, intellectual property and equipment to the OVP at the original purchase price value in GAINS. This is currently the only known way to keep individualism without the loss of property associated with collectivism or socialism. This is the perfect economy. The reason this is so important now is that we are at a crossroads. Both political parties are trying to institute work required or income checks that subsidize the deflation in our currency and the missing 100% Fruit of Labor citizens are granted by the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights. Either way if we do not do something soon, we are going to be holding the bill for the cost of a new type of free market that we will most likely have buyer’s remorse from.

Being a member in the SOCIALMARKET OVP is the most Spiritually Patriotic form of citizenship known to man. If we start protecting Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor) and hold government accountable for what they are taxed with protecting we can begin to live a just life as intended by our Creator.

Protecting each other's Natural Rights is above politics, religion and culture. This is the reason we are here, and the purpose of government we grant to exist.

Putting politics aside if at all possible for a moment we have to take a hard look at why there is poverty in the first place. No, it is not about working hard or even education. Those are political and cultural stigmas that are antithetical to Natural Rights. Individuals would not be poor or destitute if they received 100% Fruit of Labor from their first job onwards. Their family would have been able to provide for them growing up if their parents received 100% Fruit of Labor. They would have inherited small fortunes from their parents and grandparents if everyone received their God given rights to Life, Liberty, and Property (Fruit of Labor).

If an individual is not receiving 100% Fruit of Labor that is probably the reason they are poor. We need to separate the human constructs of Politics, Religion, and even Culture with the Natural Rights our Creator has given us. Natural Rights and the protection there of is what makes us Human, and Americans and God fearing people.

The reason most people are poor is they were never given the opportunity to earn 100% Fruit of Labor. Even though this is a God given right and is inalienable, people are still being robbed in this high tech world of ours. The government is doing their job and punishing those that are hell bent on stealing other’s fruit of labor. That’s why we have taxes upon taxes.

Taxes are fines that individuals pay to governments for breaking the law. The law and the reason Government was established by us is to protect Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor). There is no where it says 99% or 47%. The government is taxed with protecting 100% of our Property.

That is why we will always have taxes (fines). If there weren’t taxes the government would have to incarcerate individuals for stealing someone’s fruit of labor. We know this will never happen so we are stuck with Death and Taxes. Or are we?

The SOCIALMARKET OVP is a reboot of the Christmas City, Bethlehem, PA SOCIAL MARKET of 1751-52. The SOCIAL MARKET of the 18th century began as a communal society and they attempted to morph into a Commercial Society that sold shares to members. The Social Market (known in the originally closed community as “the Strangers’ Store”) helped create a cradle-to-grave society and was so successful that it fueled missionary work worldwide. The SOCIAL MARKET took care of food, housing, clothing, and health care until they died for their service to the community. This was one of the early worldwide trade centers of the new world. So successful that when the community started to open up and sell the 50+ industries to members the SOCIAL MARKET quickly became a part of the industrial revolution. The owners of the SOCIAL MARKET made unbelievable fortunes from the enterprises that allowed them to build and invest in the many local and regional industries including Zinc, Iron, railroads, and the Bethlehem Steel.

Even the first paper bag commercial machine patent was developed by a Son of the Social Market 100 years after its founding. Along with his brother they made untold fortunes and reinvestments. The paper bag business was taken over in 1998 some 147 years later for $5 Billion dollars. Yes, $5 Billion! Off shoots of the SOCIAL MARKET and reinvestments made hundreds of millions of dollars back in the 19th Century and onwards. That would be billions of dollars in today’s money. All from a little marketplace and the first store in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

This can all be accomplished again with new technology. This time it is going to be different with A New Economy structure that pays everyone involved 100% Fruit of Labor as intended by our forefathers and granted by our Creator and echoed in the Bill of Rights. One of the benefits to this is there are no income taxes, sales taxes, tariffs, fees, VAT, or fines if you work and invest in the SOCIALMARKET OVP. The only tax allowed in the Constitution is Capital Gains taxes if you earn 100% Fruit of Labor. Capital Gains taxes do not interfere with Life, Liberty, and Property.

The SOCIALMARKET OVP creates an unlimited resource for its members and allows citizens to fully fund Governments to protect our Natural Rights. Governments will no longer need gambling revenue or legalizing drug taxes to stay afloat. Individuals keep their property unlike collectivism or socialism and become more involved making everyone more Spiritually Patriotic in the process. Through Capital Gains we can maintain and correct the path of government. Through the OVP we can enjoy the pursuit of happiness; until now was unattainable through any other means. Working for someone is not the answer, and owning your own business is not as prosperous as the Capital Gains potential of OVP. Furthermore, being a landlord, speculator, stock market investor is not as wealth building as low taxed long term capital gains. This is Capitalism Evolved. This is A New Economy.

You want to change the world? Or do you enjoy stealing others’ Fruit of Labor? Today, there is a choice. You can make more in Capital Gains then through the theft of someone else’s property. So if you decide that you don’t want to make more through Capital Gains and you want to pay taxes, fees, fines, tariffs, then you can. Though be warned that if you continue to steal other’s property then you will continue to pay taxes and might one day be asked to publicly explain why you continue to steal. Don’t be an advocate for the War on Culture. Don’t hide behind profits (Stolen Fruit of Labor) as the reason you support the culture war. The things you say and do matter. The Constitution is not just a piece of paper. We the people protect and fund the Government so everyone has the right to 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).

Don’t blame crime and terrorism on culture and education. If anyone that is given 100% Life, Liberty and Property and is expected to protect others’ natural rights we wouldn’t have poverty, cultural and religious crimes. We could separate the victims from the mentally ill. Someone that commits a crime due to poverty, war on culture or crimes against religion is truly not a criminal. The individuals that stole from the person should have to monetarily pay for the crimes up until the difference in original theft of Fruit of Labor is depleted. Individuals would be responsible after that amount for their own restitution. The individuals that stole their fruit of labor are the true economic terrorists. And we need to publicly call out and expose individuals that perpetrate the misinformation on poverty, culture and religion. Individuals that commit crimes that their partner’s (employer partner in crime) paid must be given the opportunity to earn 100% Fruit of Labor to break the cycle of crime and incarceration. If you truly want someone to stop being a criminal then you need to take something away from them other than the threat of going to jail where some people thrive. Compare this to the reality that no one paid them respect of their Natural Rights in the outside world. Take 100% Fruit of Labor away as protected by the Bill of Rights and again you will begin to separate the victims from the mentally insane. The Bill of Rights legally allows the removal of rights through a court of peers. This is the worst thing you can do to another human being. Strip them of their Natural Rights. This is the main culprit of the reason why people commit crimes in the first place.

If you do not believe this then you are a Know Nothing (An Ignorant person, 1800’s political party) and should be exposed of your beliefs in a public forum. For whatever reason, you are picking the war on culture over God given rights. This goes against Natural Rights and your Creator.

If you KNOW HOPE for yourself and fellow man than you can Pursue Happiness for yourself, family, and community. By protecting the purpose of Government we can maintain a perfect union. When you hear the words “God Bless America”, remember that it is a call for strength of citizens and Government to protect each other’s natural rights.

When you lobby and ask to have your taxes lowered then you are a proponent of the war on culture. Taxes are your patriotic responsibility for not protecting your own and others’ Natural Rights to Property (Fruit of Labor). Get over it and pay your taxes or join the SOCIALMARKET OVP and never need to pay fines again.

Be a better Citizen by being Spiritually Patriotic. Join SOCIALMARKET OVP today or pay your taxes with a smile.

The Technology is here today to earn Capital Gains instead of someone stealing your property and the government taking the rest. Stop breaking the law; you, your family and country will be more prosperous for it. Pay almost zero taxes with long term Capital Gains. We call it Capital Gainism (A New Economy). The best thing about this is we do not have to change anything. SOCIALMARKET OVP is a hedge against the US Dollar. We don’t need to replace it, we just need to protect our Natural rights from it and prosper all the way to the bank with it.